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At Texacana Turbines we are committed to offering high quality turbine overhaul. This benefits the customer, by allowing longer intervals between overhauls.

Here is basic list of the models in our overhaul and exchange program:

Saturn 10

Saturn 20

Centaur 40

Centaur 50

Taurus 60

Ruston TB5000/5500

Allison 501

Some of the various components we overhaul:

Gas Producers

Power Turbines

Accessory Drives


Reduction Gear Drives

AC and DC starters

All units are backed by our dependable warranty

Let us help you with you next overhaul

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Refurbished pacakages are a cost-effective way of reducing initial costs, but still receiving a product you can trust for years to come.

When you need a specific package or yours requires refurbishment or updating, Texacana Turbines can provide you with what you need. Our qualified staff works alongside with professional engineers to guarantee a reliable package that meets the customer’s requirement.

Refurbished packages is an cost-effective way at reducing initial costs, but still receiving a product you can trust for years to come.

Whether it is a Power Generation package, Compressor Package or Pump Package, Texacana Turbines experience will guarantee customer’s expectations, specifications and operating requiements will be met.



At Texacana Turbines we understand downtime can be critical, that’s why we stock many exchange components from:

Accessory Drives – Saturn MKI + Saturn MKII + Centaur
Bleed Valves
Electric starters, TDI and IR air /gas starters
Pumps and regulators
Fuel control valves (liquid and gas)
CCC Black Boxes (MFAC, Temp. and Speed)
Gas Compressor Internal Components
Generator components
Vibration Transducers and Transmitters
Gas compressor seals (wet)

And many more, contact us today regarding your parts requests.

Parts and Service is available 24/7 for your convenience.

Overhauls, Refurbishment & Parts: Service
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