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Texacana Turbines offers field service and technical support 24/7. Field technicians are fully qualified and the service trucks are equipped with all tools necessary to complete the job. All technicians are trained and certified and witrh site safety training.

Texacana Turbines belongs to Comply Works, ISNetworld and Core certified company.

Here are just some of the field services we offer:

  • Turbine troubleshooting

  • Borescope Inspections (using latest videoscope equipment)

  • Vibration analysis

  • Control system modfications and instrument calibration

  • Turbine starter and Industrial engine retrofits

  • Fuel Control retrofits and service

  • Offline turbine and gas compressor washing

  • Online compressor washing equipment design, supply and installation

  • Turbine, speed reducer and driven equipment removal and install

  • Preventive Maintenance

Field Services: Service
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