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C.E.C Vibration Components and Systems

Texacana Turbines Inc.  has been CEC vibrations products for use in all types of industries.  Gas Turbine equipment,  Gas and Diesel reciprocating engines, cooler fans and other related moving equipment.  Texacana Turbines can assist you with your application and supply you with the right choice of vibration monitoring components to mount and operate with all your needs.

Fixed vibration components are usually the primary device to alert and protect equipment from major breakdowns and costly outages.  

CEC has all the components and technical background to support all of their products, to whatever your needs are.  Components are rugged, simple, dependable and simple to use.  Whether you need transducers or transmitters,  and complete replacement interactive systems,  let CEC be your leader.

Texacana Turbines is committed to providing quality services and 24 hour support to all its CEC vibration product user’s.

Vibration Parts & Service: Service
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