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ECT Turbine Cleaning Products

Turbine  and   Engine   Cleaning   Solutions:

Over twenty (20) years Texacana Turbines and ECT have developed a strong relationship in providing the turbine industry with cleaning solutions for all turbine and engine user’s.Texacana Turbines Inc. is a proud distributor for of  ECT’s Cleaning Products.

Texacana Turbines Inc. offers specialty cleaning systems and solutions for a wide range of mechanical equipment, including;

  • Industrial Gas Turbines

  • Aero Derivatives Turbines

  • Diesel and other reciprocating engines

  • Centrifugal and Axial compressors

T-70  Engine  Cleaning Solution:

ECT’s T70 Engine Cleaning Solution and systems for reciprocating diesel and natural gas engines combines the water based, non-flammable cleaning formulation with an engineered injection system designed expressly for maintaining the above engines at their peak efficiency.

In addition to reducing engine wear, improving fuel consumption and permitting injection of the T70 while running, the System offers ease of use and installation, as well reducing chance of scavenge fires and longer life for engine components.

A list of proven results;

  • Carbon deposits which constrain air flow are moved from the exhaust ports

  • Scavenge spaces are cleaned, reducing the risk of fire

  • Soot is removed from the intake ducting, reducing risk of funnel sparking and choking of the boiler tubes

  • Removal of soot reduces NOx and other emissions

  • Power output is increased

  • Fuel consumption is reduced

  • Greater reliability and reduced downtime costs

uses an online solution designed to remove dirt, soot and carbon deposits from the gas turbine compressor section.A contaminated or dirty compressor will most evident in the form of reduced output power, increased exhaust gas temperatures and increase in fuel consumption at a given output power and ambient temperature.

R-MC  Online Turbine Cleaning:

R-MC is an online solution designed to remove dirt, soot and carbon deposits from the gas turbine compressor section.  A contaminated or dirty compressor will most evident in the form of reduced output power, increased exhaust gas temperatures and increase in fuel consumption at a given output power and ambient temperature.

R-MC is a superior cleaning liquid for removing oil and contaminated build-up and salt in the compressor and compressor diffusers.  With R-MC the cleaning procedure is easy, fast and safe.R-MC Online is non-toxic, biodegradable and non-flammable.

PowerBack Crankwash:           

PowerBack is the most aggressive solvent-free detergent available for turbine cleaning.Packaged at 6% solids by weight, it contains twice the active materials versus all other specialty crankwash liquids.  PowerBack requires no special handling or reporting, if spilled.Cationic cleaning action  aggressively attacks both organic contaminants such as oil and grease, inorganic fouling such as salts and soils. Powerback can be used in accordance with the crankwashing instructions for virtually all makes and models of industrial gas turbines.

The Benefits of PowerBack ;

  • Low Foaming

  • Non-Toxic –contains no alkalis, phosphate acids or 2-butoxyethanol

  • Biodegradable

  • Mixture of cationic surface agents and deionized water

  • NON-flammable

  • Contains NO petroleum products

  • Meets Specifications fro virtually all OEM specifications for flight and ground turbines

  • PowerBack was formulated to be effective, economical and most importantly “environmentally safe”

Relion   Centrifugal  Gas  Compressor  Cleaning Solution:

ECT’s Relion  Products can remove organic and non-organic contaminants that disturbs the gas flow and generally increase operating temperatures.Higher temperatures increase the fouling and lower compressor performance and reduction in flow are usually witnessed.The solution will have no     negative effects on the process or the mechanical components.  By analyzing the chemistry of the foulants, we are abke to match one of the”FIVE” Relion solutions to best attack the contaminants.

Relion 5010        Blend of surfactants and solubilizer Removes polymerized hydrocarbon

Relion 5030        Blend of surfactants and non-hazardous solubilizers Continuous injection

Relion 2010        Concentrated emulsifier surfactant with solubilizers Periodic use in removing inorganic fouling

Relion 1010        Light aromatic solubilizer, for periodic injection Removes organic foulants

Relion 1020        Concentrated aromatic solubilizer for continuous injection with wash oils. Removes and slows the buildup of polymerized hydocarbons.

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