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Texacana Turbines Inc. has been designing, supplying and installing turbine user’s with a simple, cost-effective and a practical solution to replace aging turbine equipment control systems.Gas Turbines usually outlive their control systems, either due to the components not being supported by their respective manufacturers or devices not compatible with the new control expectations of today.With the assistance of Allen Bradley or other PLC types, we design, supply and install a “Turnkey” digital control panel to update your existing equipment.The completed project is supported with diagrams, operating manuals and software for the system.

Texacana Turbines Inc. control systems are currently supporting the following types of gas turbine equipment.

  • Gas Turbines driving continuous duty generators

  • Gas Turbines driving water injection pumps

  • Gas Turbines driving standby power generators

  • Gas Turbines driving gas compressor units

  • Gas Turbines driving oil pipeline pumps

We also can supply all related components, either new or reconditioned and calibrated for most existing equipment in the field.Our field technicians can also respond to all field problems related to most turbine controls systems.

Turbine Control System: Service
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