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Turbine Fuel Systems

Retrofit  &  New:

Texacana Turbines Inc.  has been providing design and components to retrofit or replace existing gas turbine aging or new and not supported fuel control systems with a simple and cost-effective replacement.  Natural gas fueled or liquid fueled systems are accomplished through the use of the Continental Controls electronic fuel control valves.  Accompanied with  the best chosen auxiliary components to compliment each other and offer the user a robust, simple, dependable and cost-effective complete system.  

Alternatively Texacana maintains most OEM’s turbine fuel systems to ensure they operate and are dependable

Texacana Turbines is committed to providing quality services and 24 hour support to all its fuel system and turbine customers.  At Texacana Turbines, we take great measures to ensure the customer receives exactly what they are looking for.

Fuel System: Service
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