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Texacana Turbines Inc. has been supplying parts, Field Service, Turbine Overhauls/Exchanges and complete turbine packages to the industry since 1995. Our company has established many direct relationships with major manufactures of gas turbine components, allowing us to continually support and supply the service industry.

We have strong background experience in reviewing the applications and recommending the appropriate component and installation methods to the customer. Whatever the request, Texacana Turbines Inc. strives towards excellence, whether it is a simple gasket or a sophisticated fuel control valve. Texacana Turbines Inc. will work to solve and supply the right replacement component with the support of it’s established and reputable suppliers. We are able to provide both onsite training add/or centrally located training seminars. In an effort to support the operator/mechanic with a better understanding of the operations and guidance for troubleshooting problems these training seminars provide a lecture base and a practical component, assisted with video and other training tools.

Texacana Turbines Inc. offers equipment sizing, installation and/or removal surplus sales, and other equipment related concerns. The company can also provide consulting services as a purchaser, inspector or project adviser for all associated requests related to gas turbines and their applications.

The end goal at Texacana Turbines Inc. is to ensure the customer is supplied with the highest standard of parts and services to suit their requirements in an ever demanding industry.

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Texacana Turbines carries a working inventory of new and refurbished parts for the support of your Solar Turbine packages. We carry a large number of those hard to find “obsolete parts”. Here is just a small list of the parts we carry:

  • Ignition components

  • Bleed Valves

  • Thermocouple harness’s

  • Pumps and regulators

  • Starters and controlling valves

  • Fuel control Valves

  • Gas Compressor Internal Components

  • Vibration Transducers and Transmitters

  • Control assemblies “black boxes”

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